Goosnargh (Lancashire, England)

Freundlicherweise hat mich Tony Parkinson darauf aufmerksam gemacht, daß Goosnargh auch ein kleines Dorf in der Nähe von Preston ist. Über die Stadt steht auf der Seite folgendes:

"A small village between Preston & Longridge, the name is derived from "the field of the goose". The centre of the village hosts two highly recommended pubs the Bushells Arms and the Grapes. Goosnargh cakes have been made in the village for centuries and can still be purcased in the local shops.

Just off from the village is Chingle Hall which many believe to be the most haunted house in England. Adam de Singleton build the house in 1260. It has passed through various families including the Singletons and Walls. Father John Wall who was born in the hall in the 17th century was hanged for heresy in Worcester in 1679. His head was taken to France but is believed to have eventualy been brought back and buried at the hall. It is said that if it is ever found then the hauntings will stop. It is said that as many as 16 spirits haunt this small hall. Visitors have reported noises, apparitions and objects being moved. The most haunted room is the bedroom of Eleanor Singleton who was murdered at the hall. By day there are guided tours of the hall but those brave enough can choose to spend the night, something that people from all over the world choose to do."

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